Design-Oriented Real Estate Development

SANBA is an integrated real estate development company that combines the practices of architecture and design, project management, financing, marketing and development. We believe this faceted approach, driven by a passion for design, leads to well crafted and thought out projects. The goal of the firm are to make well appointed spaces, ones where great thought and care are taken upon every detail, whether it be the feeling upon entering the front door of your townhouse, or the in depth analysis of potential new projects. The collaborative approach also helps to streamline the process of project development, from initial due diligence, through the design phase, and until the keys are handed over to the end user.

  • Our integrated approach to real estate development lends itself to a passion for creating high quality creative spaces.

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  • SANBA’s multiple disciplinary background adds immense value when approaching projects from due diligence, through investment analysis and project execution

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Matthew Goodwin


Matthew manages the day to day operations of SANBA's integrated platform, including acquisitions, project management and execution, design oversight, and financing.

Aldo Andreoli


Aldo is the founder of SANBA providing the core vision of the firm, overseeing all aspects of the company including design and new business development.

Alessandro Zampedri


Alessandro is responsible for acquisitions, corporate and investors management, business development and finance.

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